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Message For our student's and parent's

Manager's message

Dear Student's and parent's
School is a living temple of knowledge either for gaining or for giving. . The main motive is to enrich divine qualities apart from any discrimination. Holy Children Academy aims to develop the knowledge of the students in each and every field of education and in their coming future. In nutshell we are trying to prepare a good citizen for tomorrow in every respect. We consider discipline as an integral part of education.
As we all know that this total world is running under discipline (i.e. following laws and orders), if anything is denied then we will not be able to sustain life. So, our school strictly supports the part of discipline. We believe to make a human having all qualities of humanity and we are striving for that.
Manager : Mrs Girija Pant

Principal's message

Dear Student's and parent's
In this new era the education has been molded as compared than the previous time. Emphasis on the curriculum is not an objective. Enhancement of the skills and moral values should be our primary objective. We are trying for the same. The main objective of the school is to generate the hidden skills of a child so that it can become an appreciable part of this society. We are providing them an environment that can provide them a proper atmosphere to grow them. Not even in the part of education but also in extra co-curricular activities.
In my views elaborating some topic is not a education, a proper ideology with spiritual thinking and behaving is called as Education. We have to show to the children that your working will adorn you and will add fame in your life. For this purpose language, history, biographies are the important tools that can be used and I am happy that we are utilizing the same in our school.
Principal : Mrs Rasmi Budhlakoti

Our Mission

To provide Holistic and Progressive education, in tune with the latest developments in education, in order to create multifaceted citizens with high cultural and moral values as well as honed thinking skills, good communicative abilities and high-esteem.

Our vision

To create an outstanding learning experience based on inspirational and creative teaching.

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